ownCloud is an open source file storage system that provides desktop file sync and access to files through an online interface. The software is very similar to other solutions like Dropbox. ownCloud allows you to run the software on your systems or in the cloud. The online interface is easy to use and has multiple security options to help keep your files secure. Also, file encryption is available to help keep your files even more secure.

The open-source file sync software that is part of ownCloud allows you to sync files with your desktop, laptop, or mobile device. OwnCloud has optional sync capability which allows users to select the files that they want to sync to their computer and still see the files that are not synced. This is a unique feature that is not found in other applications, including ownCloud derivative Nextcloud.

Here on CircuitRoute, we have selected ownCloud as a key application that we will cover in detail. In addition, our technology services division provides ownCloud installation, management, hosting, and consulting.

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ownCloud Interface Photo

Above is a photo of the ownCloud interface. 

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Here on CircuitRoute, we provide information on ownCloud and how to configure and use the application. To learn more, please check out our upcoming articles about ownCloud.

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In addition to ownCloud, we also provide coverage on Nextcloud, which is a fork of ownCloud. Nextcloud has gained significant popularity over ownCloud as it was created by an ownCloud co-founder in response to an organizational shakeup at ownCloud U.S. Please check out our Nextcloud section here.

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