Nextcloud is an open-source Enterprise File Sync and Share or file storage application that can be run anywhere, on-premises or in the cloud. It is a highly popular application that is free to download and use. With features similar to Dropbox, Box, or Google Drive, Nextcloud is easy to use and is feature-rich. Nextcloud has a sync client for computers and mobile devices (Apple and Android). A web interface is also included. The application has several add-ons including an online office suite through integration with ONLYOFFICE and Collabora online office. Nextcloud Talk provides web meetings, chat, and calls through. Calendar, contacts, mail, and Kanban style task boards are also available in the software.

Integration with Existing Storage Devices

Windows Network Drives, FTP, Samba, and SharePoint storage can be integrated to be used as storage backends. Nextcloud can easily use Network File Storage systems (NFS), local storage, and object storage like S3 for storage.


Security is one of the key focus areas of Nextcloud. Data is stored on the systems of your choice, so you have control over how your data is handled. Nextcloud has many security features including file encryption, brute force protection, and two-factor authentication. Nextcloud is also HIPAA and GDPR compliant, which makes it easy to use in industries and regions that have those requirements. LDAP, Active Directory, and SSO/SAML 2.0 are fully supported which makes it easy to integrate into current user security environments. There are additional security features including video verification and remote wipe that are unique to Nextcloud.

Nextcloud web interface

Above: The Nextcloud web interface.

The Most Popular Application

Nextcloud is the most popular open-source Enterprise File Sync and Share according to Nextcloud and data from Google Trends search volume.


The application was created by Frank Karlitschek, the former CTO of ownCloud Inc., and a team experienced with open-source projects. Nextcloud was built from a fork of ownCloud after Karlitschek decided that it was best if he split from ownCloud. The U.S.-based division of ownCloud (ownCloud Inc.) was closed down shortly after the fork and its operations were assumed by ownCloud GmbH, the German parent of ownCloud.

OwnCloud continued to be supported by the ownCloud GmbH after the fork and continues to be supported by them to this day. You can learn more about ownCloud on this page.

CircuitRoute’s Coverage of Nextcloud

Nextcloud is a key application that we will be covering in detail here on the site. NavFile CircuitRoute is also providing installation, management, hosting, and consulting for the software. You can learn more on our Nextcloud Services page.

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