About Us

CircuitRoute is a computer technology firm that provides systems services and information on technology products and services. CircuitRoute provides information, research, and analysis on computers, servers, networks, mobile devices, and more. CircuitRoute’s technology services segment provides support and advising for ownCloud and Nextcloud. Services for Nextcloud and ownCloud included installation, support, hosting, and monitoring. CircuitRoute’s information segment provides information on computer systems and software, with a focus on business systems.

CircuitRoute is a division of NavFile. NavFile is a business and technology company that provides research, analysis, and solutions for businesses and individuals. CircuitRoute serves as the company’s technology division. With the support of NavFile and CircuitRoute, we offer several solutions for your business.

Our Mission

We are focused on providing quality information on computer technology that will help improve your business. Our services division’s mission is to provide quality technology solutions that will

Our Team

David Aughinbaugh II is CircuitRoute’s Business Systems Analyst and he leads the initiatives that CircuitRoute is involved it. David has been fascinated with technology and its capability to improve the world that we live in since he was young. At CircuitRoute, he looks to have our company help improve you business and the world through technology.

David is leading the company’s entrance into ownCloud and Nextcloud systems.