CircuitRoute, a division of NavFile, is a computer technology firm that provides computer strategy services. Here on our site, we provide information on computer systems and solutions to set up systems.

The following is an overview of some of the systems and areas that we provide coverage on.

OwnCloud - Nextcloud

ownCloud Nextcloud control panel photo

ownCloud and Nextcloud are key open-source file storage solutions that we provide significant coverage on. Our technology services segment provides installation and hosting services for ownCloud and Nextcloud systems.

You can learn more about our services for ownCloud and Nextcloud on the following pages: ownCloud Services | Nextcloud Services

You can also learn more about Nextcloud and ownCloud through our upcoming articles that will cover the software in detail.

Computer Technology Information

CircuitRoute also provides information on various technology products. We primarily focus on covering business software and hardware. Open source software is a key focus area that will be covered here on the site.